CNA145 – Suggested Report Format for Assessment 1
This assessment activity requires you to identify and discuss a specific programme that could improve
child, young people and/or family health outcomes.
During the assessment you must use one (1) of the ARACY Nest Priority Directions to:
Highlight the significance of the priority direction for Australian children and youth on
growth and development
2. Identify the current status of health and wellbeing in Australia for your selected priority
3. Discuss what determinants of health and wellbeing are contributing to these outcomes.
4. Propose one current programme which has demonstrated evidence that it will help achieve
the identified priority direction.
1.1800 word limit (does not include charts/graphs)
Title – make up your own attention grabbing title
So that anyone reading the report would have an idea as to what the report is about.
Introduces the reader to what is going to be discussed in the paper, it will generally explain
the structure of the paper. It might also set the scene with a little background information
Body of the report
You decide how to put the report together – you can use dot points, sentences, graphs, charts
– you might like to review what a real report would look like (google/database search some
report formats to get some ideas) and one that you would be happy to present in order to
demonstrate your knowledge on your topic.
Remember to:
? Introduce and discuss each point 1) 2) 3) and 4).
? Each point will need a new paragraph at least. Each paragraph has a structure; a topic
sentence, supporting sentences and a concluding sentence
? Recommendation (point 4) – Usually a paragraph or two and needs to incorporate
evidence to support the proposed programme – ie show some evidence of evaluation of
the activity – has been successful in improving health outcomes elsewhere? In-text reference.
This is your final word on the…

145 Essay 1