Small Scale Corn Flour Milling Machine Bring People More ConvenientThe small scale corn flour milling machine is suitable for people’s need and bring more convenient for people, Win Tone is a manufacturer of different kinds of small scale corn flour milling machine, its reasonable design, good quality and low price bring people more good reputations.
The small scale corn flour milling machine contains the following machines:
1. Cleaning unit: this machine can clean sand,stone,and other impurities.
2. Maize peeling machine: this machine is designed for maize hulling,the emery rollers can remove bran without adding water to maize.
3. Maize degerming machine: this machine is a special equipment which is mainly applied for corn hulling, de-germinating and polishing.
4. Maize milling machine: Lower energy consumption and high efficiency low cost. Designed to provide top safety and sanitation. Flexible adjustment, easy installment and operation. High degree of automation.
5. Bucket elevator: used for materal transporting. low noise, high efficiency, and convenient operation and maintenance.
6. Magnetic separator: remove metal impurities.
The 20t small scale corn flour mill machine line’s working principle is simple and easy to operate: after cleaning up, the unprocessed corn enters into the peeling chamber of NF-280 corn peeling and polishing machine through feeding port. By control the feeding speed at the feeding port and the pressure of the pressure valve, we make the peeling chamber have some pressure. The machine squeezes, peels, degerminates, removes impurities and polishes the material between the rotary roller and the screen. And under the pneumatic effect, the corn kernels and the bran separate automatically and then we can get qualified corn kernels. The machine is internally installed efficient air suction chamber which can remove the skin and impurities from the peeling process.
The Win Tone 20t small scale corn flour mill machine line is…

20t Small Scale Corn Flour Mill Machine Line Sell Well