Aarkstore Market Research Report – Frontier Pharma: Prostate Cancer – Identifying and Commercializing First-in-Class Innovation
SummaryExceptionally Large and Innovative Pipeline
The prostate cancer pipeline is among the largest in the pharmaceutical industry with 484 products in active development across all stages. The range of mechanisms of action employed by these compounds is also highly diverse, especially in comparison to the existing market landscape. More pertinently, the degree and proportion of breakthrough innovations in this pipeline is exceptional; GBI Research analysis identified 174 first-in-class programs in the prostate cancer pipeline, acting on 122 first-in-class molecular targets. This accounts for some 36% of all products with a disclosed molecular target and is reflective of the high degree of innovation in this indication. This has far-reaching strategic implications for all market participants, as, despite the high attrition rate in prostate cancer, it is highly likely many of the first-in-class technologies will reach the market over the coming decade and may transform the clinical and commercial landscape.
 Alignment of First-in-Class Molecular Target with Disease Causation 
One of the key trends in oncology and in prostate cancer in particular over the last decade is the clinical and commercial impact of targeted therapies designed to target proteins in signaling pathways that are strongly associated with disease progression. By aligning the molecular targets for therapeutic intervention with disease causation and/or propagation, these therapies limit the systemic cytotoxic effects whilst inhibiting tumor-promoting signaling pathways. Such strategies thereby typically achieve superior efficacy and safety profiles.
 Our proprietary analyses demonstrate…

Aarkstore Market Research Report – Frontier Pharma Prostate Cancer – Identifying and Commercializing First-in-Class Innovation