Group 11
Group CEO: Sruthi Subramanian
Topic: Consideration of other alternatives for the ‘Plant Location Puzzle.’
Members: Parth Kotak
Harshavardhan Yarasam
Nitish Saraff
Ramanath BalasubrmanianIntroduction:
Our assignment was in with reference to the ‘plant location puzzle’ that was discussed in the class. The discussion was held with ‘The Eldora Company’, a U.S bicycle manufacturing company, in reference and with respect to the fact if the company should expand its capacity in China or should it stick to U.S. The following article in written with keeping in mind four other countries apart from China which they should consider before they go ahead with this decision. The factors that were taken into consideration while evaluating these countries were the following:
1. Population Mix (age construction, level of labor etc.)
2. Hiring and firing of labor.
3. Legalities associated (judiciary, tax institutions etc.)
4. Level of corruption
5. Ease of doing business
6. Manufacturing Quality.
7. Consumption in the country
The countries that were considered were Malaysia, Thailand, China, India, and Vietnam.
With the election of the new Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, India is about to see drastic changes in terms of developing its manufacturing infrastructure. The ‘Make in India’ campaign is a desperate attempt on the part of the current Indian government to be the next manufacturing and exports supported economy. Let’s see, given the current conditions in India how successful this can be and what are the strengths and weaknesses that they can work on.
Population Mix:
Age Construction: In terms of its working population India is expected to have one of the best in the upcoming years. By 2030, it is estimated that almost 28% of the world’s working population will be India. Almost two thirds of the Indian population falls under the age of 26. Although all these…

analysis of five countries for a new bussiness