Ch. 1 Summary. Becoming a Student
In reviewing chapter 1 in Becoming a Student, topics such as juggling responsibilities, evaluating information, researching problems, written or oral presentations, learning online, and setting goals are just some of the important factors that this chapter covers.
Chapter 1 made it perfectly clear that time is of the essence. After reviewing all four stories of Barbra, Rafael, Ken, and Tony, they all related to one strong key point, with will there is way. Chapter 1 explains the life style of an adult student. This chapter helps the reader understand more on how to prioritize, collaborate, and simply break down big task into small manageable task.
A combination of good resources or tools to use while an adult student consist of, making list, calendars, and planning books to set priorities. Other helpful key points are being flexible when unavoidable problems interfere with plans, and plenty of rest so that the student can approach all tasks with a fresh mind and spirit.
Oral presentation is one of the top keys to work on. Anything dealing with communication is important. In many courses you may have to present your assignment in an oral presentation. Rehearsing your presentation with friends or family helps to avoid “stage fright”. Guidelines by an instructor may be given, such as length and availability of visual service.
Another important key is learning the online process. Online classes take place in a virtual classroom where the student never meets the instructor or classmates. Learning to share ideas, participate in discussion boards, reviewing bulletin boards, and student email is very important. Although online is self-paced there are still deadlines to meet.
The last important key is, written assignments should be presented in typed or word processed form, double-spaced with one-inch margins, in 12-point type face. Papers should be fastened with staple or paper clip. Most instructors prefer that…

Becoming a student summary