Careers in Psychology
Phoenix UniversityMajoring in psychology can be challenging because there are so many specializations to choose from once a degree is achieved. Although students are very limited with a BS, going on to get a Master’s or even a Doctoral degree will provide a career with many more options and a much larger salary.
The reasons for taking a psychology course vary from person to person. Three of the main reasons people should pursue a career in psychology are:
1) Job Outlook – The field of psychology is expected to grow at an average rate of about 12%. However, there are fields within the industry of psychology, such as school counselors that are expected to grow a little faster. 2) Job Possibilities – Having a degree in psychology opens doors to occupations outside the realm of just psychology department positions. Just within the field of psychology one can choose clinical, forensic, sports, health, and industrial-organizational psychology. Jobs such as management, human resources, and research are also areas that a psychology degree could be useful.3) A Fulfilling Career – Many people go to work on a daily position to a career that is not fulfilling and boring. Psychology is an area where people can be directly impacted. Although challenging, many positions provide rewarding experiences. (“10 Great Reasons to Earn a Psychology Degree,” 2015).Within the field of psychology there are two areas that I find very interesting. One area is forensic psychology and the other is school psychology. Forensic psychology is the application of psychology in the courts and legal systems. School psychology is the application of psychology to help children, families, and school programs that help children to succeed. (“School Psychology,” 2015).
Forensic Psychology and School Psychology do require some of the same skills.
1) Writing skills – As with all psychology majors, there has to be the ability to write…

Careers In Psychology