“Characteristics of Successful Online Students” Because of the rapid growth and advance technology of online learning, an academic
degree is no longer limited to the restrictions of traditional classrooms. Effective time manage-
ment, basic technical and online flexibility are developed learning styles and skills
that successful online student’s use to their increase academic achievements.
One of the greatest flexibilities of online learning is Time-Management. Developing
The appropriate use and structuring of time management skills is a journey that needs guidance
And discipline in order to maximize the accomplishing of self-goals. The one thing that online s
Students need is structure and a calendar is a great way to create it. Developing a daily / weekly
to do list or planning guide to write in important time frames such as assignment due dates,
quizzes and tests are a sure way for students to stay on track. Another good characteristic of
an online student is the ability to prioritize assignments. Gathering course syllabi’s and
calendars to write down important dates and deadlines to easily have accessible in one place
is critical to online student success. When setting long term goals, seeing the big picture
of an overall written monthly time and dates gives a greater sense of purpose when trying to
achieve academic goals.
Next, with computer technology all around us and growing rapidly each day, it’s
important to have good computer skills in order to reap its full benefits. Having basic computer
and internet skills are a must for all online students because schools rely heavily on this
technology. Online students are required to have a minimum set of skills to function within an
online course that includes: how to email, browse the Internet, upload files, download needed
plug-ins or software, respond to discussion boards, etc. When online students use computer
technology to learn, they improve their basic…

Characteristics of Successful Online Students