When growing up or living in a certain culture your perspective on others or the world can be greatly changed. This is clearly evident in stories like “An Indians Father’s Plea” by Robert Lake and “By Any Other Name” by Santha Rama Rau. It is also evident in the self portrait “On the Borderline Between Mexico and The United States” by Frida Kahlo.
As a person grows up in a certain culture there view on others and the world will be altered substantially. In the story “An Indians Father Plea” Robert Lake supports this opinion by explaining how the fathers son Wind-Wolf is just not used to the English culture because he has never experienced it before. Wind-Wolf has only been exposed to his own Indian heritage ultimately changing how he will look at life and others. When one has only seen and experienced certain things that is what they would expect being sent into basically a whole new world but are surprised when it isn’t like it always would seem. Wind-Wolf had always been taught to learn from nature and pay attention to the little things. So when he shows up to his new class and is doing like he had always been told he is considered a slow learner. He has been teased constantly and had a first hand experience of racism. Wind-Wolf now believes that all people from the English culture are racist further proving how ones culture can alter ones perspective.
Similarly in the story “By Any Other Name” by Santha Rama Rau the English culture is changing their views on the Indians by how they have been raised. The English culture has grown up believing that Indians are beneath them and that they should be exactly like the English. They are not accepting their culture and that is shown in the story when the teacher says “Oh, my dears, those are much too hard for me. Suppose we give you pretty English names.” The teacher has already gave up trying to learn there names because she assumes since they are Indian she wont be able to pronounce them. Later in the…

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