Joshua Norris
K. Barbour
English 111-27
November 22, 2015
Democratic socialism is good for you and good for me.
Democratic socialist believe that democracy and socialism complement each other, corporations, and society. All while meeting the needs of the people. To many people, the idea that America could have a true egalitarian society is ridiculous. In the global market it is impossible for a capitalist country to fully embrace socialism in its purest form. Democratic socialism has provided American’s with a realistic approach to an egalitarian society. Universal healthcare, government—run literacy centers, childcare programs, and assistance for the handicapped/elderly are just a few benefits of living in a democratic socialist America. All of these socialistic programs already exist in modern day America because, socialist ideas have shaped this country since the early 1900’s. As America continues to shape the global economy and the world, an American Democratic socialist federated republic must emerge to compete on the world stage.
Socialism has been remembered as a dark cloud that has followed the American left in the days of Joseph McCarthy. According CNN Wire in 2012, only 24% of Americans had a favorable view of it. (“Right Path”2015). Most politicians with the exclusion of, Bernie Saunders, have avoided being associated with the term. Activist and Author Jeff Meckler states that, “Democratic socialism is the radical idea that those who create the wealth should control it, if we had a truly democratic political system, the U.S. economy would work for the ordinary people; instead of the greedy few who have rigged the game.”(Meckler 2015) Democratic socialism has long been discredited by the wealthy private sector as being authoritarian. The goal is to prevent reform, allow the economy to remain unbalanced, and promote inequality.

Of the 196 countries in the world, none have proclaimed themselves officially as a Democratic Socialist…

democratic socialism