Sheila L. Spates
Professor M. Schwartz:
English 1A
October 9, 2015
Revision Paper Essay OneEvent to RememberI often say to myself if it wasn’t for the trials and tribulation of drugs and alcohol, then I wouldn’t be where I am today. Today I have twenty years clean and sober. I put my family Thru  a lot, of pain and they still stand by my side. The thing I put my family through was lot of heart and pain by looking for me calling the police, they go out look for me could find me I would be gone for four or five day at a time. I was just lost in my own thoughts at the time and did not give a care about myself or anybody else at the time in  my life and during that time my daughter was just fourteen and seven months. How my oldest daughter is thirty-five and young daughter is twenty-four, she have a daughters that is three years old and there are the apple of my reason I pull myself together.When things started to get good for me I went back to church and turned my life around I started looking into different school and what I might like to major in. That is when I came to Moreno Valley College in 2009-2010. My first class that I started with was computer application class then I started think about is class it was not what I wanted to take so in 2010-2011. I switch my major to Human Service class and what from a certification to an Associate degree. The reason why I switch my class from computer to Human Service was I like give back the help that was given to me. I like to be there to help people that need it like I did it give you good feeling inside when you give back the help you known you bless with. On other hand, I discovered that wisdom has share a good portion in my life today.
In fact, the Human Service has been an interest of mine for a long time as long as I can remember, be being in a low self-esteem and feel down that I was not good for this program, or I do not think I could do it, But Professor James Banks told me I need to believe…

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