City or country : where’s the better place to live
Some people prefer to live in a country and others prefer to live in a big city.
Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion I prefer to live in a country rather than a city.
First, countries are usually calm and natural. When I was younger I lived in a small country and then now in a big city. I just observe all the differences there are between them. The pace of life in small town is relaxed. There isn’t too much noise because of having low number of cars. It allows people to be less stressed and have a peaceful daily. The city with much car’s traffic and big crowds of people seemed busy, noisy, and with more pollution. The air is relatively clean in a country, and you are very closed to the nature.Then, country brings people closer together. When you live in a small town, you know each other. To give an example, when you search an employment it’s maybe more simple to find someone who will engage because of knowing you or knowing someone else who knowing you. Everyone knows about each other business. They all live in a simply way so they are more closer together, like a community. They feel at ease with each other, and grow up faster with the knowledge of everyone. Sharing is easier in country.
To sum up, I think peace, quiet, nature, simplicity and convivial city is the most important for children to grow up as better as possible. Even if cities have their own advantages, these are the factors that matter most to me. Although potentially lack of opportunity, jobs, privacy, could be a potential problem in a small town, I feel more at home than a city. To me, city represents the place to work and maybe not the place to live…

Essay City VS Country