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Total No. of Questions : 13][Total No. of Pages : 02Paper ID [B0202]
(Please fill this Paper ID in OMR Sheet)MBA/PGDBM (102) (S05) (OLD) (Sem. – 1st)
Time : 03 HoursMaximum Marks : 75Instruction to Candidates:
1) Section – A is Compulsory.
2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section – B.
Section – AQ1)(15 ? 2 = 30)a) Attitude.
b) Challenges and opportunities for OB.
c) Stereotyping.
d) Concept of personality.
e) Values.
f) Individual versus Group Decision Making.
g) Difference between Management and Leadership.
h) Avoidance-Avoidance Conflict.
i)Lawer Model.j)Johari Window.k) Group Dynamics.
l)Organizational Effectiveness.m) Reasons for organizational Politics.
n) Impact of organizational Culture.
o) Role of External Change Agent.
D – 18P.T.O. Section – B
Q2) Explain the determinant of personality.(9 ? 5 = 45)Q3) What do you mean by perceptual selectivity? What are the factors which
influence perceptual selectivityQ4) Explain the factors which influence values.
Q5) What are the factors which must be taken into account in making attempts
for attitude change? Discuss the methods which are used for attitude change.
Q6) Interpersonal interaction depends on the awareness of the self but people are
not fully aware of themselves. Explain this statement with the help of Johari
Window. How can this self awareness be increasedQ7) What is Job Satisfaction? What are the factors which affects job satisfactionQ8) Leadership is situational. Explain this statement by bringing out the situational
factors important for effective leadership.
Q9) Discuss Maslow?s Need Hierarchy theory of motivation.
Q10) What is concept of organizational conflict? Are organizational conflicts always
dysfunctional? Explain.
Q11) ?Coping strategies for stress can be adopted at individual level as well as
organizational level?….

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