LASA 2: False Memories
Submitted by: Taquitta Thorns
Submitted to: Instructor Mclean
October 19, 2015
Driving is one of the most crucial parts of life and it is dangerous too. Generally people drive from one place to other for various reasons and are abided by a set of protocols that have to be followed on the road. This is the everyday practice and for this the government and the police authorities have made certain arrangements. E- Surveillance is a function that keeps an eye on all the vehicles and the drivers. Forgetting about the reasons there are certain fines and charges that are to be paid by the driver when the rules are not followed (Bordoff, 2008). Among these fines there is a provision for cell phones as they are dangerous ad can lead to drastic results. According to the reports nearly twenty eight percent of people performing these activities and face the consequences afterwards. However, they suffer the consequences but unfortunately some innocents become the part of it.
It is clear that driving is a tough job and talking on the phone while performing this task creates a great mess. The bottleneck habits are to taken seriously while driving. However, it is true that the communication has achieved a different position in last few decades but the mental stabilities matters the most. Flashing costly cell phones and heavy cars is becoming a trend and this created distraction. After noticing this behavior the experts carried out a great research on these habits. There were many studies conducted on these habits and some of them prove that the usage of the mobile phones has a negative impact on the cognitive abilities of a person. The increasing number of vehicles and traffic in the world adds more twist in the condition (Lee, 2007). These habits or ill mental condition leads to accident because the mind can focus on a single thing at one time. The…

False Memories