In this week one of our individual project we are asked to provide give a brief description of our project outline. It will include the reason for the new distributed system, approximate timeframe and budget to complete the project, and some major deliverables of the project. I will provide all the information needed for the outline in the next paragraphs. The company description is a small gaming company and we develop games for the PC and distribute them through online purchases and in store buying options such as GameStop. The company is small, and we are made up of twenty employees who all basically contribute to the development of the games, but we have two individuals who are tasked with keeping our own infrastructure running optimally. The problem that comes into play is that we are such a small company that our IT team is having trouble keeping our email servers running optimally and that they are not providing all of our employees the needed access that they rely on during off hours or even during remote connections. The idea is to move our email infrastructure from a on premise solution to a cloud based solution and by doing so it will allow for the developers to focus more on the game code than on the email servers which as I mentioned have become problematic. The main office is where we have all of our game creating servers and it is where the bulk of our corporate information is located, it has a small business network and we are relying more and more on individuals working from home and from mobile users who need access to the email servers on a 24/7 basis. The cloud email solution can be very cost effective for our small company and I would suggest it be a hosted Microsoft Exchange Server, this will provide all the requirements that we would need, and we could even add new services to this plan in the future if needed.