Thesis Statement and Informal Outline WorksheetIn this course, you will write a 700- to 1,400-word Personal Responsibility Essay, due in Week Five, including the following information: • Definition of personal responsibility and what it means to you
• The relationship between personal responsibility and college success
• A preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility in your educationThis week, using the Center for Writing Excellence resources, provide the thesis statement and informal outline for your Personal Responsibility Essay assignment. Thesis Statement: • Your education is your own responsibility because only you are held accountable for your education and grades.Informal Outline: 1. Introduction
• Insert a question about topic in order to grasp readers attention
2. Your education is your own responsibility
• Meaning of responsibility (internet source i.e. Wikipedia)
• The name you put down to turn in assignments is usually your owns and no one else’s
-unless you are working in a team only one name (your name) goes on the assignments because it is your work.
3. Only you are held responsible for your education and grades.
• How teachers usually grade individual assignments
• Your responsible for turning in assignments
-before they are due
-will reap the consequences if assignments are late
-you are held responsible for cheating and plagiarism
4. The most important reason why your educational responsibility is solely yours alone
• Only you can do what it takes to graduate
-it is very possible for someone to do the work for you, but can you guarantee that it is correctly done-your chances that the teacher will/ will not find out
– No one else will walk across the stage or receive the diploma but you
5. Conclusion:
In conclusion; although many people have gotten by with using the work of others, your education is your own responsibility for two main reasons. First,…

gen/201 Thesis Statement and Informal Outline Worksheet