Domingo Claudio
Personal Essay
God’s Work
It’s been over ten minutes, and I’m still in the truck waiting for my assigned partner. Even though the engine’s on, the heater doesn’t seem to be working. I already checked the rig for all the supplies: gloves, defibrillator, bandages, and so on. Everything is good to go. I see Ron, my boss, come up to me from the rearview mirror. I pull the window down, freeing the little trapped air that this car managed to generate.
“Good morning, Domingo. You’re going to be working with Paola today. Will that be a problem?”
Don’t smile. Don’t even breathe. I can’t help it, the thought of being with her for the next twelve hours makes my heart smile. “No, that’s cool.” I try my best to fake the apathy. I think he buys it. He leaves me to check on the other ambulances.
5 minutes or so pass by, until the driver’s side door opens. I’m only 18, so if Ron were to put me in charge of driving, he would have to pay ridiculous fees in insurance because of my driving inexperience. Paola, my paramour, is the better candidate. She’s 32 with the face of an angel.
Paola was my first initial partner when I first started working as an EMT for A Medical Services. She showed me how this company likes things to be done, and the types of patients we could expect to see. Along with emergency calls, we have a standard routine of patients that we pickup and transport to the hospital for either chemotherapy, and more often than not, dialysis treatment.
Paola shivers as she sits, and welcomes me with a smile that heats up my whole body. She comes up to my heart when we stand next to each other. She doesn’t look 32.
“Good morning, Beautiful.”
Paola blushes, almost on purpose. “Good morning, Domingo,” she says playfully as she drops the 2-way communicator in the driver’s cup. It’s like a walkie-talkie. “We have to pick up Rosa at 9:30.”
“Want some coffee?” I ask, figuring it would at least pass the time. She agrees, and together we…

God’s Work