HCA 430 Entire Course
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In Week Five, students will submit an eight- to ten- page research paper containing a minimum of five academic reference sources written within the last three years. The research paper will include the following:
Identify a vulnerable population within your community and:
1. Utilizing data obtained from the county or state health department, or other government agency, provide some statistical information about your selected population (e.g. size, dollar figures, geographics, age breakdown, length of service provision, etc.)

2. Identify and describe a service or outcome goal for your selected population (i.e. what health care service would you like to provide or access/usage pattern established by your selected population?). Make sure it is measurable:

Measureable example: 30% of the X population living within the city limits will obtain Y screening.
Not Measureable example: More people will receive health screenings.

3. Design a model program to reach the goal you have established that includes identifying a minimum of two community agencies/organizations that will partner together in some way(s) in order to obtain the goal.

4. Provide a generalized cost estimate of healthcare dollars saved by your program.

5. Based on your research, identify a minimum of two potential funding sources that may potentially provide monetary sponsorship. Explain why these two entities would be likely funding sources.
———————————————————————————————————————————HCA 430 Week 2 Assignment Critical Thinking Paper
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www.shoptutorial.comCritical Thinking Paper. In a two- to three-page critical thinking paper:

1) Select one the following vulnerable populations:
High-risk mothers and infants
Chronically ill and…

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