Helping Our United States Veterans
Georgia Ann Sherry
South University Online
Composition II|ENG1200 S01
Week 4 Assignment 2
Instructor Joseph Walker
August 26, 2015 Helping Our United States Veterans
There are soldiers returning home from deployment and combat daily, now they must face a new type of war, inside themselves and in society. Many of our men and women have been deployed overseas multiple times, spending much of their time in combat. But finding the support that they need is not only hard to find, it is not that easy to access. And why? These brave men and women enlisted in the service knowing that one day they would have to fight for this country, for our freedoms, for our rights. Yet when they come home they face the possibility of homelessness, unemployment, and health issues that we, as civilians, could never understand. Many turn a blind eye to the issues our veterans face, for no reason other than they just don’t understand what these men and women have gone through and the horror they have seen. Returning soldiers need our help and support to readjust into society and it is our responsibility to do all we can to make their transition back into civilian life as easy as possible.
In the last 100 years the United State has sent millions of our men and women to war with hundreds of thousands of them losing their very lives. Millions have come home with medical issues that range from PTSD to brain damage and injuries that are so crippling that it affects their quality of life in ways that we could not understand. Every war has brought with it death and disease, from WWII to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
WWII veterans suffer from health issues related to mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos. Vietnam War veterans must deal with the medical complications that came with their exposure to Agent Orange. Soldiers that were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan have lost limbs and/or suffered serious brain injury because…

Helping Our Veterans