Homeschooling paragraph HW
Currently there are 150,000 children being homeschooled in England. Over the years many people have decided to home school in Scotland aswell and the numbers are increasing fast. There is some debate that suggests homeschooling is best for your child while others are saying that public schools are best for your education than homeschooling. Which one is better home or schoolSome of the main reasons why homeschooling is good for your education is you have no homework: When you’re done; you’re done for the day. Since you’re at home you wouldn’t have homework, if you did have homework your parents would know if you didn’t do it and you couldn’t have them excuses like “my dog ate my homework”. In some schools you sometimes get homework in some/all subjects. At home when you’re finished all the work you’re finished for the day.
Another advantage of home schooling is you don’t get rushed to finish your work. At home you can take as long as you want in one subject like in math you can be really good, so you can take 20min in math and in science you could be struggling and take a lot longer at figure it out. Also, at public schools you have a certain amount of time to finish your work but not at home you have as long as you need to finish your work. Like this essay.
Also another advantage of home schooling over public schools is if you have a late night you can sleep in until whenever you want. At public schools you have to get up at a certain time everyday for 5 days a week(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) and you might even have to get a bus/taxi/ride to school and back, but if you’re at home you don’t have to go anywhere. You just stay at home and never have to travel anywhere unless you have to go to a home schooling group.
One of the negatives of home schooling is you don’t get finished with school at a specific time each day. At certain schools you normally have about 6hours at school unless you have a…