How to use the industrial autoclave waste heat
The waste heat of industrial autoclave plays an important role in our lives,generally,the autoclave still maintain a high pressure after the process of steam curing,of course,we can transfer the steam to the low pressure autoclave,the transferring methods have the following kinds:
Using the method of steam transfer,transfer the steam of the autoclave which needs to cooled to the temperature rise autoclave of a certain initial pressure,when the pressure reaches equilibrium,continue to transfer the steam to the temperature rise autoclave having no initial pressure,to improve the efficiency of steam.
Single kettle steam transfer,this is a very simple method which is the most commonly used.Transfer the steam from low temperature autoclave to temperature rise autoclave,it not only can heat the equipment, but also can raise the steam pressure to 1.3 Pa.In addition to the use of steam,we can also use the condensed water,in the process of steam curing,according to the different conditions,different amount of condensed water can be produced.The use of condensed water,in addition to providing a fair amount of heat,still can save considerable water.Although the usefulness of condensed water is very big,but it cannot be directly used for life.
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How to use the industrial autoclave waste heat