India is a city of FAIRS AND festivals but imagine if there were no festivals what would happenI know a life without these amazing festivals would become like hell. Firstly we would have no holidays and secondly no celebrations .and as we all know a normal routine life is really boring .following the same habits and doing the same thing every day .festivals show a great importance in our is a chance for us to celebrate as well as worship the great gods and goddesses. If there was no holi there would be no time for us to forget our tensions and play with the joyful colours around us. If there was no deepawali then our houses and hearts would live in a complete darkness. If there was no Eid then there would have been no family relationships.
Festival is time when people who live far away from their hometown get an opportunity to meet their families and live a joyful moment with them. If there was no rakshabhandhan there would be no affection remained between a brother and a sister. Festivals show a great importance but do the people for whom which we are celebrating these festivals, like if we spoil our surroundings .festival is not the time to take advantage a ruin someone’s life ,it is not the time to destroys someone’s family .today even dough we have festivals to celebrate with joy but it is because of some people which love to spoil their as well as life of others.
Festivals are to bring families close ,to forget the grudge against someone ,to love people and not to do the reverse of these things
I hope now you understand how important these festivals are .please don’t spoil then ,enjoy them till your heart is filled with joy. Remove all the tensions and enjoy these small festivals as you know time never rewinds itself it moves on further.
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