Morgan Worsham
Professor Wozniak
Seminar Essay #2
The United States has been a country of great controversy in the eyes of the world as well the citizens living at home. From the three hundred years of slavery to the racial tensions still happening today. A country that massacred the Native Americans almost to the extinction of the indigenous population. The United States history is full of corruption and racism. The attitude has always been that if you don’t support the “white privilege” United States point of view, then your place is at the bottom of society. This essay will examine the time period of the early to mid-1900s in American society. There will be three resources and multiple themes covered. The three works included in this text will be Maxine Hong-Kinston’s The Women Warrior, John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. Each story has its own specific complication and each will have themes to correlate with it. From the great depression to the beginning of the cold war the United States was fighting communism around the world to spread “freedom.” How might this ideology of freedom be ironic in the lives of common Americans?
Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Women Warrior gives a first person perspective on the lives of Asian Americans during the Civil Rights movement. The main themes in this book were ethnicity and gender. The main purpose of the work is to point out the gender role flaws in society. Kingston tells a story about how back in China her Aunt had a baby with a man other than her husband and the family was shamed. The village destroyed the family’s home and shunned the aunt of the town (Kingston). The aunt was found dead in a well. It is predicted that the baby was a girl. Kingston goes on the say that in China “It is better to raise geese than girls” (Kingston 54). She then tells her own version of the Chinese folk legend Fa Mu Lan. In the story a girl trains in the…