Jesse Inguaggiato
9-18-14Inconsistency Within a League

On February 15, 2014 news broke that NFL running back Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens struck and knocked out his then-fiance Janay Palmer in an altercation in an Atlantic City casino elevator. Rice’s eventual consequence was being suspended indefinitely from the NFL. Based on his actions and the NFL’s track record with suspension protocol, the punishment is too severe compared to previous punishments the NFL has issued in the past.
After the crime was committed in February, the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell issued Rice a two-game suspension on May 1st, 2014. This was the standing punishment until a video of the altercation was leaked by on September 8th, 2014. That same day, Ray Rice was cut from the Baltimore Ravens, lost his endorsements, and was suspended indefinitely.
In comparison to other crimes committed by NFL players and their corresponding suspensions, this is not a fair punishment. Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pac-Man” Jones was charged with pulling an exotic dancer by her hair and shooting a gun in a nightclub; resulting in the paralysis of a retired police officer. Jones was given an assault charge as well an additional shooting one and was only issued a one year suspension. This doesn’t even compare to former NFL wide receiver Donte Stallworth’s misconduct. Stallworth was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana while driving 55mph in a 40mph zone. While driving he committed a hit and run resulting in the death of his victim. He murdered someone, and was only issued a one year suspension from the NFL. Vehicular Manslaughter only earned him a one year suspension, yet Ray Rice earned an indefinite suspension for assault.
Don’t forget about “Big” Ben Roethlisberger, current quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Roethlisberger allegedly committed rape. What kind of punishment does a rape charge get you in the NFL? Only six games. Michael Vick,…

Inconsistency Within a League