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International Education and Foreign Languages as crucial elements of education
Have you noticed that foreign languages can be seen and heard here and there ?Indeed, currently, a number of people are learning a foreign language to not only improve themselves but also attempt to acclimatize themselves to a new environment. Thus, learning foreign languages and absorbing international education is of vital importance.
English has always been children’s friend.For me, when I was a baby,my parents and other relatives taught me some simple words, such as apple, banana, mother, pen, and so on. They said the word and I found out which picture could replace the word. Day by day, I welcomed English and it became my sweetheart. Actually, besides me, plenty of children had a meaningful childhood with the accompaniment of English, which has something to do with schools’ measures.
In China, there must be foreign language courses at school. Nowadays, more and more bilingual schools which set two different language courses have been set up. Moreover, there even have been at least 3 universities that provide international education and in which all the courses are shown in English. Anyway, schools play an essential part in propagating international education and foreign languages.
At the same time, a great mass of graduated students choose to go abroad for further study, because of the significant influence of some united international colleges and the current of globality. Here are some data: In 2012, there were around 284,700 students going abroad to study. In 2011,the number was over 300,000. In the last four years, the increasing rate are all over 20%.() According to the data, it can be analysed that the tendency of going abroad to study is extremely popular and obvious.
Almost no one can deny the benefit of knowing more about foreign languages and international education. Therefore, if you are keen to…

international education and foreign language