Author:  David Smith, Global Islamic Finance Magazine, Editorial Staff, United Kingdom
–    Story sponsored by Business Media Group, an expert in Islamic finance marketing, London, United Kingdom Abstract:
As part of the innovative Islamic finance and branding series Global Islamic Finance Magazine is going to take a look at the best ways to market your Islamic finance product, service or financial institution. In the last series we discussed about Islamic branding and its importance in marketing.
In this edition we will be focusing on the best ways to utilise marketing strategies in a Shariah compliant manner to attract your potential customer base and maybe even grab more clients along the way.
The Islamic finance industry is evolving and the competition is heightened to the extent that many Islamic financial windows and fully fledged institutions are being set up worldwide. There is more and more choices being established for customers around the world that many Islamic financial institutions need to find unique ways to attract the market.
In 2012 we can see the rapid advancement of technology which can pave the way for marketing your products and services successfully. This is a must read for any financial institution, business professional or avid learner who wants to know the best ways to market their products or services in a Shariah compliant way.Keywords: Islamic Finance, Marketing, Branding, Customers, Products, Services, Shariah Compliancy, Islamic BanksA Three Way Approach to Islamic Financial Marketing
There are a number of ways in this day and age of marketing a product and attracting our target market. With the growth of technology including social networking reaching a wider audience has become easily accessible if it is done in the correct way and marketed properly.
All Islamic financial…