Roman Times Lesson Plan
World Civilizations
Course Number: 6210
Core: Std 6210-02, obj: 0201, 0202, 0203, 0204, 0205
Std: 6210-03, Obj: 0301

Here at the Roman Times Daily News we print all the news that is fit to print and more. You are a member of a crack news team. It is your job to cover some of the breaking news in the Roman Empire and beyond. Then publish the stories in the top selling newspaper of the times. Just like modern newspapers, your newspaper will consist of different sections; e.g. headline news, editorials, national/international stories, and letters to the editor, sports, business, and personals. Each member of your news staff will contribute an in-depth (1,000 word) story complete with pictures for one of the above mentioned sections. In addition your team will also complete one minor assignment of your choice such as create a comic strip, advertisement, want ads, cooking section, or editorial or anything that might appear in a newspaper.
1. Groups of 3 to 5 students only
2. This edition will be ready for publication November 13th
3. This should look like a newspaper written in columns with pictures.
4. Use Chromebooks, textbook, Ancient Roman World
Triton Abeyta
2nd Period
Nov 18, 2015
___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The ColosseumThe Colosseum was one of the most famous building in Rome at the time. It was a great place to hold a attraction of events there. It was a big arena where they had a lot of their events in. This place could hold over fifty thousand people! In their was amazing shows and events. It was just a awesome place to come and watch some entertainment. This place was insane and was a amazing piece of work at the time. In the Summer it the audience may get hot so the stadium would then put…