Research Project Week 1
Michael A. Gillenkirk
BUS 642 Business Research Methods & Tools
Dr. Don Smith
September 14, 2015Research Project Week 1
Background Information
This research proposal is aimed at conducting an in-depth review on the causes contributing to the rise in employee turnover in the United States. Development of the proposed research will involve various research articles aimed at developing a research model that supports a hypothesis that concludes employee satisfaction, employee involvement, and employee motivation all play a pivotal role in why employees leave an organization.
Choosing employee turnover as a research project was a relatively easy decision. The fact that I manage a team of several hourly employees and ten salary employees and often experience employee turnover makes the research an opportunity to review the problem in real life situations. Furthermore, through the research I hope to gain valuable insight into actions I can take to help mitigate and reduce the current impact that my team, organization, and myself experience when employees leave the organization.
Management Dilemma
Employee turnover is costly, both from a direct cost, (replacing employees, management time spent recruiting a new employee, and at times the use of temporary employees), and an indirect cost (employee morale, production, quality, business memory). An employee that makes $20 per hour on average can have an impact on an organization to the tune of $55,000 (The cost of employee turnover, 2015). This turnover cost per employee coupled with the expected rise (23.4%) in employee turnover rate in the U.S. by 2018 (Alan, 2013) generates the need for a closer look at what employers can do to combat the problem.
The problem to be solved is to identify the common reasons employees leave an organization and what corrective measures companies can take to slow the rising trend.
Research Question
What are the contributing causes…