Master Status: Danny is a son to his mother and a student to Mr. Sweeny.
Achieved Status: Danny was a failed student to Murray for writing a paper on ‘Mein Kampf’.
Ascribed Status:
Conflict Role: Danny has a conflict between being a skinhead and being a student.
Strain Role: Derek has a role strain in being a brother to Danny. Derek wants to protect Danny but he endangers Danny by being involved in the skinhead gang.
Primary Group: The bond between Derek and Danny is a primary group. They have a very informal, intimate and extended relationship.
Secondary Group: The skinheads are a secondary group. This is a larger group that is temporary and superficial with replaceable members. This is a more formal group with rules and norms that have specific sanctions. If a member doesn’t agree with something they are verbally or physically abused.
Aggregate Group: Derek and the black man in the laundry room. Also Derek and all the men in the jail were an aggregate that eventually formed their own groups within the aggregate.
Folkway: Derek coming home from jail with a head full of hair and Danny and Seth hating it and telling him to cut it.
Mores: Derek killing two men.
Positive Sanction: Cameron throwing a party for his skinheads for their work and loyalty.
Negative Sanction: Derek going to jail for murdering two men.
Family Agent: Danny’s ways of thinking and what is important is greatly affected by his brother’s, Derek, ways of thinking, feeling and actions.
Peer Agent: Danny hangs out with skinheads and they can escape from the school pressure and share their own ideas between themselves. Since they all share the same ideas they don’t see what they think as wrong.
School Agent: Mr. Sweeny is trying to teach Danny that the skinhead idea is inappropriate by enrolling Danny in ‘American History X’. Mr. Sweeny established a sense of order and control right away by assigning Danny’s paper that day and creating a negative sanction if the…A…