Marketing Manager
Marketing products and services demand appropriate supervision of a proper marketing team to achieve structural objectives. To market these products and services globally, the tasks of marketing managers becomes complicated and challenging, obligated to transverse ethnic and social reflections, free enterprise for opposing businesses, and quickly altering the perceptions and likings of consumers. Globally, the US is dynamic and vigorous in the market, keeping the top rank for trades in and abroad. Coca-Cola is a popular product that is sold in the United States and has sales opportunities in a foreign market. Assuming the role of marketing manager will require analyzing in terms of the four utilities of customer value, identifying the target market both locally and globally, indicating the competition, applying segmentation, targeting, and positioning approach, determining major environmental facts and trends within the foreign market, analyzing how to develop, execute and measure a campaign considering the four p’s, and discussing US and international ethical marketing considerations.
Coca-Cola in terms of the Four Utilities of Customer Value
Analyzing in terms of the four utilities of customer value, are the components required for trade amongst a business and consumers. Form, place, possession, and time function together to promote consumer approval or fulfilment from the interaction between businesses and consumers. Form is described as the qualities of a contribution that are beneficial to consumers (White, 2012). Coca-Cola, a carbonated soft drink is well-liked both in the United States and other foreign countries. In the late 1800’s Coca-Cola was established and became very popular because of its distinctive flavor. Numerous varieties have been industrialized since then such as zero calorie, sugar-free, or caffeine-free versions as well as a variety of different additive flavorings, which were created to please individual consumer’s…