Distinguished Superintendent, Honourable Teachers, Fellow pupils of this great school, Angels Specialist International, my name is Senam Ama Acolor. I am in Grade 6B.
When I was in Grade 5, I was chosen as the Class Secretary. I performed my duties so well that I was chosen as the Class Secretary again in Grade 6. As Class Secretary, I learnt how to be responsible and dedicated to my duties. But that was at the previous level.
Today, I stand before you vying for the position of Compound Overs I have always been interested in the cleanliness of our environment. I therefore see this as the perfect opportunity for me to help in keeping our compound and environment clean.
The outgoing compound overseer ensured that we had dustbins in the four corners of the compound so that we do not throw litter around. I intend to ensure that those bins are always in place.
As the saying goes “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” It is also said that “prevention is better than cure.” A clean environment will prevent the spread of communicable disease and keep us healthy to study and excel. We will not have a school if our environment is dirty because we will all be sick. We did not come to school to get sick but to get an education. As Angels we need to keep our environment clean because God loves cleanliness. This is my goal.
However, I cannot achieve this goal alone. I will need your support and cooperation when you vote for me to become Compound Overseer by not littering the compound and practicing good personal hygiene when you visit the washroom.
I have learnt responsibility and commitment to duty at class level. I am ready to show this same dedication and commitment to duty at the wider school level.
Fellow pupils, I humbly beseech you to vote massively for me, Senam Ama Acorlor, Number 1 on the ballot sheet, to become Compound Overseer for a clean environment
Thank you.
Good afternoon,
Electoral Commissioner, The Superintendent,  The Distinguished Headmaster,…