Marijuana marijuana… Where to start? There’s so many if ands or buts, about this natural herb from the ground. People hate people love it Either way you look at it people will either love it or hate it. So many myths brought on by the government in its early days led people to believe “reefer madness” tales were true. But you and I today know that these tales were just make believe stories to make it an illegal substance in the 1920’s. So I support legalization of marijuana. It’s a natural plant from the ground that is honestly no more harmful than alcohol or tobacco. In fact it has been the cause of a big whopping 0 deaths according to the U.S. government, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Bureau of Mortality Statistics. Unlike alcohol and tobacco which are two legalized drugs. Tobacco contributes to about 400,000 deaths, alcohol contributes to 100,000 that’s a half a million deaths related to legal drugs. Marijuana has no long term side effects besides bronchitis… it’s also been linked to short term memory loss but only while under the influence. It is also a myth that marijuana kills brain cells, alcohol however does. The point is marijuana is less harmless than our legalized drugs now and it does not lead to harder drugs such as cocaine. So I gave you my opinion on some of the rumors of marijuana, how about we crunch some numbers for taxation of marijuana sells? According to recent figures U.S consumers range from about 25 to 60 million according to some surveys. Let’s say you charge 5 dollars a cigarette for

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