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This article is about the scheduling problems of home health care services that is rising. There are still small companies who gets their scheduling done manually in results of their planning times being longer and solutions are not flexible.
Home Health Care Services: Management and effectiveness in changing times. 2006. Retrieved from www.search.proquest.com
This talks about the Medicaid personal care program and how it is growing with clients on an annual budget of $1.5 billion. Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, New York experienced difficulties with budgeting and end of establishing a target of savings for the government locally in which it provided services of personal care. This article will go through how it became successful and organized with the issues.
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This article states that in home health care the services are rising. According to the National Association of Home Care there is about seven million people who needs home health care services.
Dear Human Resources:
I write in response to your ad seeking Office Clerk at the Health, Business and Professional Services Division. In the Office Clerk position, I would bring a hard working, dedication along with team playing attitude to this role. I have great skills in Microsoft Office, word processing, filing, data processing along with answering multi-line phones and any reception duties that is needed within the position.
I am very reliable and efficient worker who is willing to always work with the team when there is an urgent tasks need to be completed. I can communicate with managers confidently and will support them with typing, writing reports and other administrative needs efficiently.
I would be very pleased to…