INTEGRITY, NEATNESS OF DRESS, AND THE IMPORTANCE OF MILITARY APPEARANCEGeneral appearance of military servant and condition of military uniform are essential components of every army battalion. However, some people could say that a particular sense of an army is about how servants do their job, but not about what they look like. Below are three reasons to demonstrate that dress and appearance influence effectiveness of military organization and, therefore, are vital.
First of all, wearing a uniform makes a military servant responsible for representation of a particular army department he or she belongs to. The majority of people tend to inductive reasoning. This means that looking at individual instances they make their conclusions about things in general. In the case of military appearance, people’s judgment on a whole army organization is based on their impression of an individual representative’s behavior and, of course, appearance. Inasmuch as military servants are aware of their representative function, they feel responsibility for keeping their uniform clean and well-groomed, and wearing it in compliance with all prescribed instructions.
The second reason to claim that the military appearance has the particular importance is its strong influence on formation of servant’s character and self-discipline principles. The uniform includes various military insignias, and, therefore, symbolizes especial honor and military dignity. Consequently, the military dress must always be neat, well-ironed, and fully buttoned. In addition to the cleanness of the dress, military appearance includes physical fitness and weight standards. In this way, servants are committed to keep themselves fit. Wearing the uniform in duration of a whole day also stimulates servants’ disciplinary. Increasing of individual’s disciplinary leads, in its turn, to increasing of general army effectiveness.
Finally, in order to illustrate general services’ attention to the uniform details, we…