Jackie BaldiMr. Shulman’s SongWhen I heard the song, “Who You’d Be Today” by Kenny Chesney come on the TV I had an idea of who might have chosen it. My guess of Mr. Shulman was correct, but I couldn’t seem to figure out why he would pick this song. After spending mostly every day from March to June with him after school, we became good friends. Mr. Shulman is one of the teachers that I know I can talk to about anything that’s going on in my life, whether it is just a joke or something serious. I mean after every snot rocket I have seen him shoot, every apple he has eaten completely down to the core, and how many countless times I have said, “EW SHUL,” I can happily say not only that I consider him my coach, but my friend. Last year the team would always joke around and say, “When are you getting married?” But one day he actually answered and we were all in shock and cheers for him. Now this year we will always say, “When are you having kids?” and he would just say one day I will.
Mr. Shulman is always joking around, but when I heard his essay, after hearing the song it brought me right to tears. Immediately after hearing that song it came to me so fast that before when I asked him about having kids he would always say he wanted to name his child Keith if he had a boy. A few days ago, Mr. Shulman told the team his wife was pregnant and I have never been so happy for him! My hopes are that they have a healthy baby so that he can name it Keith, but if they have a healthy girl, I know Mr. Shulman will be a great dad. I’m so proud of him. I know that his friend Keith is smiling from heaven and sending his best wishes to Mr. Shulman and Katie. (I HOPE HE TOLD YOU HIS WIFE WAS PREGNANT SO I DIDN’T RUIN A SURPRISE!

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