The Loss of my Adelie
Brittany Kalchik
ENG121:English Composition
Instructor: Patricia Lake
December 4, 2015The Loss of my Adelie On July 27, 2013 I lost my daughter Adelie to god. I replay that day a million times, thinking one day it will get easier to bear. Even though I know my sweet baby girl is in a better place I miss her every day. Experiencing this loss taught me never take life for advantage for tomorrow is not promised.
My daughter Adelie Larie Kalchik was born on February 17, 2013. She was born with a rare skeletal dysplasia called Desbuquois dysplasia. With this form of dysplasia, the limbs are shortened, the joint dislocated, the lungs are underdeveloped, an is a lethal form of dysplasia. Her dysplasia made her very small and she could not breathe on her own. When she was born she had to be emergency intubated. Intubated is where a tube goes down the airway and connects to a ventilator that breathes for you. She spent her 5-month life span in the hospital hooked to many machines. She put up one heck of a fight till her little body just gave out.
I remember the day July 27, 2013 like it was yesterday. I sat in her room for hours watching my baby struggling to breathe. I remember her face turning blue and scaring me to tears. Watching your child in pain and fighting to live is one of the hardest things to go through. After hours of the nurses bagging her lungs and giving multiple medicines, I decided she had enough. She was trying to tell us she couldn’t do it anymore. I decided in that moment to have the nurses turn off her machines. Within seconds after everything was shut off she was gone. She passed away soundly asleep. I knew I had done the right thing, but my heart still broke.
When someone you love passes away a bunch of feelings flow throughout you. The world seems to stand still when you realize your loved one is really gone. That feeling you have never felt before, of total sadness. You feel faint and dazed as if you are…

My Adelie