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B. How I Use First, Use As Needed, or Avoid Sequence…Sequence is like a daily thing for me everytime I log into my student portal. I check and see if I got any alerts or appointments, I check in with all my peers and see how they’re doing and wait for their feedback. I’m most comfortable when I know that I am doing the right thing on any of my assignments. I make sure that I am following directions and have everything in my head step by step. I am most frustrated when it comes to not understanding the topic.C. How I Use First, Use As Needed, or Avoid Precision…Precision to me is a good learning tool to me because it helps to understand my quizzes, assignments and other tasks that are given to me, I write down every information or data that I can. I’m always prepared with my notebook, pen, pencil, and highlighters. If there is any work I attend to ask as many questions to my peers, instructor and my advisor. I have to have everything organized and ready before starting a task. If I don’t have any of those done , then I get easily frustrated.D. How I Use First, Use As Needed, or Avoid TechnicalTechnical Reasoning is difficult and challenging for me because I hate when I have to do something where I have to put together. I feel like I don’t have the patience to do that. I want to do it right by having someone explain the directions to me. My boyfriend usually does all the technical work around house, but I’m always there to watch how he operates, so maybe in the future when I have to use I can try to do it, even it means failing.E….

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