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Introduction 3
What are the NGB? 3
What do the NGB do? 3
Different types of NGB 4
Influences in sport 5
Appendix 6
Reference List 7National Governing Bodies (NGB) and coaching children and young adults in sport competencies.Introduction
This assignment will include the influences children and young adults in sporting pathways and the roles of what the National Governing Bodies (NGB) do and give recommendations to the elite and community environment on what they could improve on.What are the NGBA National Governing Sport Body are usually found in every country, governors have many responsibilities, the governors work as part of a corporate team which make up that governing body, some of the national governing focus on one sport such as the FAW which is the national governing body for the Welsh football association will focus just on football in Wales, also it works with multi sports association such as British gymnastics, this means that all the different types of gymnastics in the United Kingdom will answer to the British gymnastics association which is the national governing bodie for gymnastics in this country. (National Governing Bodies)What do the NGB do?
The National governing body has three main roles; these roles are, Strategic, Accountability and Critical friend, a critical friend is a governing body who should work alongside the school/club to create awareness of managing the school/club successfully, this will only work if there is a good relationship between the governing body and the school/club. Accountability is a school/club is a business and its stakeholder’s learners; the NGB must keep a professional attitude and use its knowledge to make the school/club benefit from the knowledge of the NGB, they must whey up all the options on what is best for the school and then decide. Strategic is where the NGB will look at all the options on how best to…

National Governing Bodies