Andrew Lagerwey
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Extra Credit I have spent my semester attending Red Rocks Church. They are located just down the street from CCU on Alameda and Harlan. Red Rocks is a non-denominational church accompanied by mostly young adult and some families. Their goal is to simply help people connect with God and other people in the church, if they so desire. In choosing a church that I would like to attend during my time at CCU, Red Rocks was my first choice and it ended up being my only choice. Coming from a non-denominational church in Seattle, I knew exactly what to expect coming to Red Rocks. Lots of worship and amazing people groups is what I found.
One thing I have definitely noticed about Red Rocks, is their constant use of Bible verses in sermons and continual teachings from the apostles. The pastors at Red Rocks spend a significant amount of time preparing for their sermon and do an excellent job in performing when it comes time. Sermons are based on significant verses from the Bible and are always correlated somehow to the main message. Acts 2:42 says, “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship”. Luke is talking about the characteristics of the early church and that the apostle’s teachings must be a vital part in the churches role of teaching, Red Rocks does an excellent job and continues to do so every time I attend.
Fellowship at Red Rocks is something they take very seriously. It is often conditioned
into almost everything they do. Fellowship is also another one of the key and important beginning aspects that Luke mentions to a church in Acts 2. Red Rocks includes fellowship in everything, from worship, to Young Adults to even small groups, community and growing closer through the fellowship of Christ and other believers.
Living in Colorado, it’s easy to see the wonders and awe of God’s creation. Being so close to the mountains and…

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