This paper is due tomorrow.OhGod.jpgI’m typing so fast.I’m typing so much crap.Eyelids are drooping.Running out of coffee.Want to embrace my bed.Not now… gotta finish.3 hours pastFinally finished……My head’s about to hit the keyboard.aou isgh;asogsifa;oahrioegha;uerg;ogyegh.jfdhg;ugyrNext day….I walk into English class.I turn my paper in a day late.My douche of a teacher makes me read it in front of the whole class…
“This is the paper of all papers.This will make English professors die of immense ecstasy.It will ooze out of their classrooms and lecture halls.It will reek and contaminate, like radiation.People within a 10-mile radius will fall into a coma.Those that read this will have their eyes melt in their skull.Wildlife will turn into a frenzy.The government will shut down.All social services are non-existent.Stars are falling from the sky.Natural disasters become non-stop.The laws of physics no longer apply.Energy gets created and destroyed.The internet implodes on itself.The earth splits in half.The aliens surrender and worship.Sounds can be seen.Colors can be heard.People have no control over their bowels.The paper is too much.It has reached ascendancy.It goes up past heaven.It is all.It is love.

It is life…”My English teacher poops himself and I’m made Queen of EnglandPlease Wease Sneeze Squeeze Cheese Knees The Crud Mud Pud Lud Dud Rud Fud My My Oh my my why why why why why Beggars Cant be choosers by k. sean buvala
Now understand I didn’t say that, the guest said it.
Our story happened at a soup kitchen, a place where the homeless and the hungry get a free meal, in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. But like all true experiences, it could have just as easily been in your own city.“Do you want a muffin?” the high school girl in charge of “pastries” asked….