Personal Plan for Success
Megan Hill
Argosy University
Section 1: Academic and Career Goals (M1 A3)
Becoming an outstanding teacher doesn’t just happen with talent it comes from years of experience. My idea of a career goal would be finding new ways to education children using different techniques I would want to teach my students personal development. The best thing to have is patients and enthusiasm which will influence the students.
Section 2: Organizing your Time for Success (M2 A2)
When becoming a teacher time management is sometimes difficult. First thing you would want to look into would be planning your day as soon as possible. The assigned lesson should be completed a day before no later than That Morning. When planning try to work on projects that tend to be the most time consuming. Always plan to leave yourself 90 minutes of free time in case of an emergency. Taking time out from your personal life to create projects ahead of time will help organize your schedule.
Section 3: Study Strategies and Learning Styles (M3A2, M4A1)
Different learning strategies are invented every day. Studies show back an incensing amount of student prefer to work physically then mentally. Sometimes repetition is a learning strategy for some students some of the study kenestic learning style strategies include things like haven’t the students to jump rope while repeating them continuously. Things like using a ball or stick to remember facts, Dates and times. Sometimes students may play games where you could educate them also.
Section 4: Career Research (M5 A2)
After researching the salary of a teacher in the state of Washington Dc in actually is what I expected it to be. According to my salary’s research the United States and District of Columbia ratio is slightly higher than I expected. My career is a 4 year degree Salary starting at 30k a year. (Salary 2014). FINISHED The journal Abacus looks to be…

Personal Plan for sussess