Assignment 1: Procedural Email Message
Havels Parker
English 315: Professional Communications
Professor Kelly Mitchell
July 12th, 2015To: All Employees
Subject: Reminder of Standard Operating ProceduresDear Member of Staff,
The management of our organization is committed to ensuring employee safety while at the same time facilitating customer satisfaction and utmost profitability. It is for this reason that this email is sent to you, to remind you of the standard operating procedure at the company facility. Over the past few weeks, we have received several reports of employee injury, some of which have been fatal and have resulted in hospital admissions. This has been costly both for the organization and for employees yet these injuries and accidents can be reduced if you as the employee took the time to familiarize yourself with the standard and safe operating procedures. Apart from injuries to employees, lack of adherence to these procedures has also caused our organization incredible losses in terms of defective products, time wastage and less than optimal utilization of company assets and resources. We urge to remain cooperative, committed and vigilant as you go about your daily activities. Also, please remember the following:
1 Procedure for Receiving of Goods for Processing
a Goods can be received at any time of day and must be confirmed to be in accordance with order by physically checking and counting them
b Only fiscal officers can handle goods and forward them to the processing department
c Fiscal officers must maintain the delivery ticket. These tickets must indicate purchase order number, description of item(s) and item count
d Confirmation of the receipt of goods can be done by fiscal officer by signing off on the form provided.
2 Procedure for Operating on the Factory Floors
a All members of staff working on the factory floor must wear gumboots, gloves, an apron, ear plugs and a helmet at all times
b All…

Procedural Email