Clinical Psychology
Clinical Psychologist works with different types clients. They deal with treatment, prevention and diagnosing people different disorders. They don’t prescribe medications for you and they are not medical doctors. These psychologist works in a range of fields. Clinical psychologist in the hospital, private, and academic areas. Clinical psychologist also works with people that have severe psychotic disorders such as schizophrenic and depression. They have to keep track of records for their clients sometimes for billing and insurance purposes.
In this field the psychologists bring together science, theory, and practice to understand and make easy to maladjustments. They work with infants to older adults. Clinical psychologist average salary recorded in 2001 was $72,000. The degree they prefer you to have is a doctoral degree; some of them find positions in a master’s degree. Some graduate programs accept applications from people who have undergraduate degrees in other disciplines but they would like for them to study psychology.
Another field that interests me in psychology is counseling. In counseling the psychologist assist the progress of personal and interpersonal functions throughout their client’s life span. They focus on emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related, developmental, and organizational concerns. The difference between clinical and counseling psychologist is their training and perspective. Counseling focuses more on psychologically healthy person, where clinical focus on an individual with mental illness. Clinical psychologists are also more in the medical field treating any illnesses. Counseling psychologists are more therapeutic then clinical psychologist. The main similarities they have is they work with people who need help. They both do research and study in individual to come up with ways that will help them.
In Clinical psychology the two questions they might ask about human behavior and mental…