Title: The Man Who Sold Dreams by Antonio A. HidalgoSetting:
Robinson’s Supermarket in Galleria MallCharacters:
Gladys, Rod, RalphPLOTIntroduction:
Gladys always looked forward to Wednesdays, for that was the day of the week when
she went to Robinson’s Supermarket in Galleria Mall to shop for the little luxuries that,
for some years now, had been practically the only source of her family’s joy.Rising Action:
Gladys asked permission from the salesgirl tending the collection boxes to get into the
Starex van; the surly girl grudgingly nodded her approval and opened the front door by
the driver’s seat. She sat behind the wheel and studied the dashboard, marveled at the
tiny TV set, the CD changer and player, the array of indicators and controls within easy
reach and thought of how much vehicles had changed since she drove the family
Toyota while living with her parents decades ago.
Gladys saw a stall with a sign “DREAMS FOR SALE – P100 FOR 30 MINUTES,” She
had never seen the stall before, though she was sure that she knew every single shop
and stall in the mall. It tickled her curiosity and she approached the solitary man sitting
behind a small desk.Falling Action:
She told to her husband about the Dreams For Sale. But her husband got curious and
he went to the mall to check for it. But he didn’t see any kind of stall of dreams for sale.Resolution:
Rod ask Gladys to go on a date with him. Gladys looked into Rod’s eyes. Then she
hugged him tightly.Theme:
It’s about her childhood memories. And she was thinking if she met the strange man
before.What lesson did you learn from the storyDon’t entertain a person that you have just met.