Philippine Laws
Act 2728Brokerage LawBatas Pambansa
Rights of Natural Born Filipino Citizens on Residential Property
An Act Authorizing Ministry of Human Settlements (Now HLURB) to Establish and Promulgate Different Levels of Standards for
Economic and Socialized Housing
Executive Order
EO 90
National Shelter Program Designated HLURB as The Sole Regulatory Body of Housing and Land Development
EO 192
Law w/c Creates DENR, Reorg. and Renaming Dept. of Environ’nt, Energy and Na’l Resources as DENR (June 10, ’87)
EO 209
Family Code
EO 648
HLURB Assumed The Functions of NHA on Real Estate Management (1981)
Presidential Decree
PD 27
Tenant’s Emancipation Decree (For Rice and Corn)
PD 772
Anti Squatting Law (Aug. 20, 1975)
PD 892
Discontinuance of the Spanish Mortgage Law System of Reg’n & of the use of Spanish Tiles in Land Reg’n Proceedings
PD 953
Requiring Planting of Trees, Penalizing Unauthorized Cutting, Destruction, Damaging of Certain Trees
PD 957
Subdivision and Condominium Buyers Protective Decree (July 12, 1976)
PD 1096 National Building Code
PD 1185 Fire Code
PD 1216 Defining Open Space In Residential Subdivision (Oct. 14, 1977)
PD 1517 Proclamation Urban Land Reform in The Philippines (June 11, 1978)
PD 1529 The Property Registration Decree (June 11, 1978)
PD 1586 Establishing an Environmental Impact Statement System Including Other Environmental Management Related Measures and
For Other Purposes. (PP 2146 – Proclaiming certain areas and certain types of projects as Environmentally Critical and within
the scope of EIS established under PD 1586.)
PD 2016 Prohibiting The Eviction of Occupant of Families From Lands Identified and Proclaimed as APD’s or ULRZ’s and Exempting
Such Land From Payment of Realty Tax (Jan. 23, 1986)
Republic Act
RA 1400 Land Reform Act of 1955
RA 10023 Residential Land Free Patent Act – March 9, 2010 by GMA
An Act Providing a Special Procedure For the Reconstitution of Torrens Titles…

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