A report on the relevance of Web Components and it’s roles needed to make JAMB a successful process.
The joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB) was set up in 1978 to conduct matriculation examination for entry into all universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria and also to place suitably qualified candidates in the available places in these institutions.
Within the last decade, JAMB has grown to be one of Africa’s biggest examination bodies as a result of the approval of more tertiary institutions by both the national universities commission (NUC) and the national board for technical education (NBTE). Examinations are conducted for at least 1.5 million candidates every year (Olabisi, 2013). In 2010, the organisation commenced the online biometric registration process for candidates in a move aimed at improving the entire examination process.
Since inception of the process, there have been numerous complaints concerning the registration process and most of these focus on poor user experience. This is due to the number of candidates trying to register on a website at the same time. For an organisation such as JAMB, the is need for the mechanism to be put in place so as to ensure a smooth online registration process for candidates.
Deji-Folutil, O. 2013, Scrap JAMB, retain NECO. 3 April 2013. Olabisi Deji-Folutil: Blog. Available from: [6 November 2014].WEB ARCHITECTURE AND COMPONENTS
What is a web? A web is cloud interface of inter connected elements that consists of websites, web browser, web page, web hosting, web address e.t.c.
What is architecture? In computing, architecture is defined as both the process and the outcome of thinking our and specifying the overall structure, logical component, and the logical inter relationship between computers, websites and it’s operating system, a network or other conception.
What is Web Architecture? Web architecture is the technology used to make the web…

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