Stereotypes in Catholicism
To make a stereotype is to make a generalization of a certain group or people that is often false that have a positive or negative outlook on them. Stereotypes can be made about a certain race, gender, sexual orientation or religion. One of the biggest religions practiced in the world is Catholicism. Catholicism has many misunderstood stereotypes because of what they believe in, but could be better understood by education.
There are many stereotypes made about Catholicism like all Catholics worship Mother Mary and are, therefore, committing idolatry or all Catholics hate gays. These are misunderstood stereotypes made against the Catholic religion. Mother Mary is seen as the mother to Catholics, but Catholics do not worship her in any way. They pray the prayer of St. Mary and ask her for guidance or help just like any other saint. Catholics only worship one true God and that is God himself. “A Catholic who may kneel in front of a statue while praying isn’t worshipping the statue or even praying to it” (Frater). Saints are there for Catholics to pray with when dealing with the same situation as a Saint. For example, a person may pray the prayer of love from St. Valentine to help them put love back into their hearts and help them have loving thoughts because St. Valentine was patron Saint of love. “The images of Saints serve as a reminder of the holiness of the person depicted” (Frater). Saints prayers help Catholics with guidance to forgive and make a better understanding of the good or bad situation they are currently facing. Therefore, there is no idolatry being committed in Catholicism, just saints helping Catholics with prayer.
Another misunderstood stereotype made against Catholicism is, Catholics hate gays. Many people that are not Catholic may believe this but, in fact, it is a very misunderstood stereotype made about all Catholics. Catholics are not raised to hate; they are raise to love no matter what race, gender,…

stereotypes in Catholicism