My good friend stated the other day, “Just how many suicides will it take for people to realize that their words do actually hurt?” and that statement is a very valid. I myself am aware of the pull of suicide and the over-whelming weight on your shoulders and the major struggle it is to simply wake up in the mornings. I used to pray that I died in my sleep. Always. That way no one could say ,”oh. You’re talking about (my name)… She killed herself, you know?”
People talk. People say hurtful things. They drag you down and pull you apart from the inside out till you can barely breathe. There are ways to relieve this pressure. The pressure that is in your head: stealing your breath and crushing your heart and wrapping its pretty little hands around your throat until you’re gasping for air wondering if there’s ever going to be a way out. People turn to many things. (i.e: drugs, sex, alcohol, self-harm, reading, drawing, parties, stealing, etc.) but suicide is not the answer. People don’t open up because they don’t feel safe telling you. They keep all of these thoughts inside and never let them out until their emotions build up and build up until their dam breaks and they lose control. That is a circumstance which leads to suicide. They don’t see a way out; A way out of their own heads. So they just decide to silence them all. And give up.
That’s all suicide is. Throwing in the towel and giving up on the life you could have and the happiness that could come from it. A future, kids, a husband/wife, successful career, and a “house on the hill.” “There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.” Don’t give up on what you could be.