Adnan Abdul Rehman
Level 2
P1 Identify and describe the purpose of at least four different organizations
Product? Service Profit? Growth? Benefit? Public essential
(i) Al Ain Dairy deals in Dairy products produced using milk from farms owned by their partner company al ain farms. It is a secondary sector company as it processes and produces dairy products.
Al Ain dairy commits”to deliver innovation, quality and freshness always.” The company works to provide good quality dairy products to consumers in United Arab Emirates. It earns large profits from it business and is keen to grow in quality and structure(ii) Nike is an american brand owned by Nike, Inc.¬†which is a multinational corporation. It is engaged in the manufacturing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. Therefore the corporation is in both, the secondary and tertiary sector of industry.
Nike commits to provide good quality athletic products to consumers and provides its customers with the products in its outlets. Being a corporation it works to earn profit and grow its brand further by providing quality products and services.(iii) Nesto hypemarket is a tertiary sector business.Nesto provides excellent shopping services for items of daily use and othe necessities.
Nesto has more than 30 Outlets in UAE. Is focused on convenience, accessibility and providing quality of products at competitive prices To provide a great Shopping experience, by offering high quality shopping facility. They believe in providing a good quality products, better prices aim to grow as a hypermarket in the region leading to higher profit figures.(v) RTA is responsible and providing the requirements of transport, roads & traffic in the Emirate of Dubai, and RTA is a government sectors company it is non profit organisation.Their are providing services to public. They are giving benefits to the publics
RTA : Planning and providing the…