CSR & Business Ethics

March 2015 Preface

This reader presents the material needed for what is, hopefully, an interesting and challenging module on CSR, Identity & Business Ethics. Interesting because it deals with ethical questions that anyone who is looking for a career in business may at some point be asked to have an answer to. Interesting also in that it provides you with background information on ethical theories to place the issues of business and organizational ethics in a broader context. The issues involve matters relating to questions of CSR and identity management.Challenging in the sense that you are required to do quite a lot of reading, in English, on a subject that is discussed at different levels, ranging from the highly philosophical to the downright practical. Challenging also in the sense that you are emphatically asked to consider and present your own views and ideas on a great number of issues and questions.In other words, this is not a module for the fainthearted. It invites you to demonstrate your perseverance, your stamina, your creativity, persuasiveness and flexibility. These are all qualities and characteristics that students of international business management should possess and/or develop.Read, study, learn, think, discuss, report and enjoy!
C Stuij
March 2015
Programme p. 4Schedule/Week planning p. 5Week 2
Introduction: Ethics and Business Ethics p. 6For next time p. 11
Week 3
Chapter 1: Actions and Consequences p. 13For next time p. 18
Week 4
Chapter 2: Kant do right p. 19For next time p. 24
Week 5
Chapter 3: Virtues, Values and the Market-place p. 26Texts p. 33&Further case studies and dilemmas p. 42Sources p. 50
CSR & Business EthicsFor : IBMS6

ECTS : 3
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Sustainable Business and Ethics