The Education System of Japan
The education system is a very important element which forms history and culture of Japan. The Japanese educational system is a very strong instrument for their national politics and cultural constant. Academic achievements of their students are higher and fitting to the international standards. Consequently, many countries are interested in the education system of Japan. The Japanese applied useful information to their education from different education systems. They transformed and adapted new information and new technology for their mentality, life style and culture
? The culture of education in Japan is based on the Shinto, Buddhism and Confucianism philosophy. Buddhism was introduced to Japan during the sixth century, at the same century Japanese had been introduced with Chinese writing and literature. Chinese philosophy and literature had influenced history of Japan.? According to these philosophies’ learning and study are the main tools of personal and social improvement, consequently had respect and honor in the Japanese society. Therefore, academic achievements of Japanese students influence their social and economic status very much.? The education system of Japan was formed for the first time after Taiho Constitution in the 701. This constitution was a base of Japanese law till the Meiji Restoration (1868).
? During the Tokugawa period (1803-1868) in the center of administration Edo (Tokyo) books which were conveying from the west was translated to the Japanese language. Not just Samurais but also Japanese nation began to use education possibilities from Han (regional administration) academies? The development of education in this period had prepared fundaments to innovations of Meiji Restoration and therefore it has improved modern education? The Meiji Restoration period was very important and had innovations not just in social life but in education system too. The main specialties of this…

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